Mac & PC Repair

Christmas Special 2019

Faster Processing
Up To Date Security
Energy Efficiency
Less Downtime
Latest Software Updates
Latest Operating Systems
Stronger Reliability

Printer Support
Data Backup
Full system Restore
Virus Removal
Desktop & Laptops
Network Attached Storage
Hardware Replacement

PC Repair

Desktops & Laptops

Mac Repair

iMac, Mac Pro

Mac Mini & Macbook

Mobile Repair

Smartphones & Tablets

Award - Winning Protection & Performance

Avira Antivirus Pro 1 PC For 1 Year

In Home Services

Software Installation
Wi-Fi & Router Configuration
Printer Setup & Connection

Password Assistance
Windows Login Password Reset
Email Password Reset
WiFi Name & Password Reset

Virus Removal

Please contact our Flushing or Davison locations for more information.

Residential Cloud Backup

20GB $20

Great for documents & photos.

50GB $40

More storage for documents, large photo albums & music.

80GB $60

Access your documents, photo albums, music collection & video files.

larger data needs

Enterprise storage options are available. Please contact our business division at 810-412-4200

40 cents per additional GB

Provides backup and recovery functionality to / from the cloud, local storage, and network shares.
Restore all files from a backup, or recover selected individual files.
Backups can be executed manually or via custom schedules.
Supports file compression and 256-bit AES encryption.
Email notifications to alert users about the status of backup and recovery operations.

Have peace of mind with cloud storage. If your device goes down, your data stays secure.